Farmers Market

Farmers Market

I love Farmers’ Markets! Thankfully we live in a community with many options and regular frequencies. We’re actually kind of spoiled. Maybe you’ve been to many markets or maybe you’re curious, either way, this article by Cooking Light, “How to Shop the Farmers’ Market Like a Pro” is helpful.


  1. Time it right.
  2. Survey first. (My favorite sentence in this article, “Take a preliminary lap around the market to find out what’s popping–then make your shopping list.”)
  3. Exercise restraint, but plan for a splurge.
  4. Sense the season. (A list of produce by season: Seasons of Eating by the American Heart Association)
  5. Chat up the farmer.
  6. Take meat for a test run before buying big.
  7. Taste for quality.


Don’t shy away from a new food adventure! Find a Farmers’ Market near you and check it out this summer. Here are a few: Larimer County Farmers Market, Fort Collins Farmers Market, Drake Road Farmers’ Market


But the adventure doesn’t end there, when you walk through your door with delicious new produce (yes, don’t forget the produce amidst all of the yummy baked goods), check out this infographic from the American Heart Association about storing your produce.



By Victoria Emmitt RD


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