Express yourself for better health

Express yourself for better health

How are you doing? While that’s sometimes a straightforward and short conversation, it’s important to recognize that now more than ever, it might be a loaded question for you. And that’s ok. Forbes published an article a couple of years ago that takes us deeper about sharing: 

There are three main pillars of self-expression, each of which is important in allowing you to authentically express yourself. They are:

• Emotional self-expression

• Assertiveness

• Independence

Read The Benefits of Expressing Your Emotions to learn so much more.

On a much less scientific note, but definitely a fun one, have you ever heard of the game High, Low, Buffalo? It’s a wonderful conversation starter for adults and children to share their experiences from the day or week. It’s easy to remember and facilitate. 

Ask someone to share their:

  • HIGH from the day or week
  • LOW from the day or week
  • BUFFALO: a random, funny, or interesting thing that happened that day or week


Exercise/Workout Spotlight: Compound Exercises
Healthline shares:

Compound exercises are exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. For example, a squat is a compound exercise that works the quadriceps, glutes, and calves.

You can also do compound exercises that combine two exercises into one move to target even more muscles (for example, a lunge with a bicep curl).

Keep up those push-ups and squats. The next add-on exercise is 10 mountain climbers. You got this!

By Victoria Emmitt RD

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