Enjoying the Joyful Food of the Holidays

Enjoying the Joyful Food of the Holidays

Happy Holidays! It’s the time of year where holiday classics are in the spotlight – and we’re not only talking about songs and movies. Entrees, sides, and desserts that are family traditions can all have places in our hearts and our diets. 

This year, resist the urge to label foods as good and bad and instead be intentional about serving size and portions of these indulgences. While one holiday meal, once a year isn’t going to break your healthy eating habits, an entire month of festivities and food can set you back mentally and physically if you’re not mindful. 

To assist you, familiarize yourself with serving size visuals, such as a three dice representing 1 ounce of cheese, the necessary serving sizes daily varies person to person. Additionally, aim for the recommended servings of each group per day using this guide. Alternatively, the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate is a fantastic turn-key tool to guide you in all of your healthy eating endeavors and requires minimal studying. 

Whether you make all of the best eating choices for your goals this month or not so much, don’t forget the power and benefits that daily physical activity can have for your mind and body. 

by Victoria Emmitt RD

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