Eating for Comfort

Eating for Comfort

Contrary to popular belief, healthy eating doesn’t have to be restrictive and limiting. An inclusive and balanced diet is possible by considering the frequency and portion sizes of all foods that we eat – especially during this chilly season with comfort foods galore. However, many times, the 80/20 rule of healthy eating (nutritious foods 80% of the time and giving yourself permission for the not-so-healthy food choices 20% of the time), sounds great in theory, but is difficult to carry out for more reasons than one. 

We’ve all had the experience when we’re experiencing an emotion, then suddenly find ourselves gazing into the pantry or refrigerator and reaching for the head of broccoli…not exactly, huh? Comfort foods are generally carbohydrate foods rich in starch or sugar that provide a sigh of relief even for only a moment. 

Psychology Today shares five reasons we crave comfort foods:

  1. Feel good.
  2. Self-medication
  3. The need to belong
  4. Nostalgic eating
  5. Special occasions

Read the full article here.

So how can we tackle the underlying desire to reach for food as comfort when we’re feeling emotional?

Mayo Clinic shares tips to gain control of emotional eating:

  • Keep a food diary.
  • Tame your stress.
  • Have a hunger reality check.
  • Get support.
  • Fight boredom. 
  • Take away temptation.
  • Don’t deprive yourself.
  • Snack healthy.
  • Learn from setbacks.

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Exercise/Workout Spotlight: Chipper

Men’s Journal shares:

A chipper involves a number of different movements (usually between five and 10) performed at high volume, in succession, until the workout is completed. In other words, you spend the workout “chipping away” at the exercises, while trying not to keel over.

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By Victoria Emmitt RD

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