Comfort Food

Comfort Food


What do grilled cheese sandwiches, chocolate, ice cream, pizza, and french fries all have in common? You probably guessed that they’re not “superfoods” for our health, but instead they happen to be a few of the most common comfort foods. So what makes a comfort food a comfort food? And why are they go-to foods when we’re feeling mad, sad, stresses, tired, etc.? I’m glad you asked.


Turns out the science and psychology behind comfort food cravings run deep. Here’s an excerpt from an article sharing more on the subject,

“Why exactly are these comfort foods so, well, comforting? A study published in the journal Appetite found that there is a ‘social’ component to foods that provide us solace: A food is comforting because of the memories they evoke, and the emotions and relationships that we associate with them. If your grandmother served you chocolate chip cookies as a child that may be why you make a pit stop at the bakery on your way home from the office after a particularly stressful day.”


Additionally, there is a link between seasonal affective disorder (SAD….IN PROGRESS)



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