Celebrating small victories

Celebrating small victories

As we continue attending holiday gatherings and counting down to the new year, it feels like we are in motion and we will either lead or allow the choices that shape how we begin the new year. One way to lead in our lives and make healthy choices is by being intentional about the little things that add up daily and celebrate the victories (small and big) along the way.

We can do this by planning and pep talking ourselves into making wise choices that promote health and well-being. Then, let’s recognize ourselves for the effort and follow through that habits require. And the best part is that a win is a win – regardless of the size of the feat. Here are a few ways to build some momentum and finish the year off strong: 

  • Plan ahead. Be intentional by taking a healthy dish with you to a holiday gathering. Surely, you won’t be the only one who appreciates seeing a nutritious option available.
  • First things, first. Wake up daily and engage in one healthy habit – eat breakfast, drink water (before coffee), pray or meditate, etc.
  • Prioritize movement. Decide daily to move during breaks in the work day and don’t let yourself skip working out. 
  • Keep alcohol in check. It’s tempting to get willy nilly or too relaxed about drinking habits during the holidays. Be mindful of your frequency and portions as you socialize or relax and drink water along with a variety of other non-alcoholic drinks. Drinking a glass of water in between drinks can help break up the roll when alcohol is involved to celebrate or cope with the holidays.

And the best thing is, every day is a new day and a chance to reach the goals you set for yourself at that moment. A win is a win, so take as many little Ws as possible because the power of habit is incredible and you could be setting the stage for your 2023. 

You’ve got this!


BY Victoria Emmitt RD

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