Breaking the fast

Breaking the fast

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? That depends on what you’re eating, your eating habits the rest of the day, and more. The tricky part about nutrition information in the news is that one study reveals that breakfast is essential for best health and the next study in the spotlight says breakfast doesn’t promote weight loss in individuals. In reality, they are two very different messages (and studies), but they sound contradictory unless you zero in on the fact that “best health” does not mean “weight loss” for everyone. Although you may find mixed messages in the media about nutrition, ie. coffee, eggs, popular diets, etc., we can all agree that healthy eating is a personalized habit based on individual and unique lifestyle goals. Let’s also remember that we’re not perfect, so if we’re making healthy food choices the majority of the time, we’re winning.  


Back to breakfast. Should you“break the fast” or not? In this post by Registered Dietitian Rachel Goodman, she shares four benefits of eating breakfast that the majority of the nutrition community can agree on, plus twenty breakfast ideas from fellow dietitians. 


  1. Breakfast gets your metabolism going to help you burn calories efficiently throughout the day.
  2. You start your day energized and focused by fueling yourself properly.
  3. Breakfast will help prevent overeating later in the day.
  4. Breakfast will help reduce cravings and keep your appetite under control throughout the day – especially if you make sure to have a high protein breakfast


Check out 20 breakfast ideas here.


If your main deterrent to eating breakfast is time, consider replacing one snooze for a prepped ahead breakfast idea. Try eating breakfast on a regular basis for a week or two and decide if eating breakfast affects your mood, energy, workout, focus, appetite, or anything else.




By Victoria Emmitt RD

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