Boost your immunity with healthy stress management and routine sleep schedule

Boost your immunity with healthy stress management and routine sleep schedule

For our final installment of supporting a healthy immune system, let’s talk about additional ways to care for our bodies. Outside of the food we eat and the way we move our bodies, we also have the opportunity to support our wellness with big picture daily habits such as coping with stress well and getting enough sleep and rest on a consistent basis.

  • Stress management deserves its own series because of the wide range of ways that we can develop healthy coping skills and the team of people that are available to support us. Here are a few strategies to explore as you find your best game plan for managing the stressors of personal and work life:
    • Daily relaxation activities such as: breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, prayer, coloring.
    • Engaging in activities that bring you joy: crafting, playing or listening to music, hiking, biking, walking, running, cooking, etc.
    • Meeting with a licensed professional counselor.
    • Finding your people in a support group.
    • Having a mentor or confidant.
    • Books and podcasts from experts in the field.
    • Engaging
  • Supporting your circadian rhythms of sleep and rest.
    • Did you know that having consistent bedtime and wake up times is not just for kids? It is important for our bodies to know when and what to expect and that includes having a predictable sleep routine.
    • Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep nightly.
    • Sleep hygiene – take your sleep habits to the next level by reviewing this sleep hygiene checklist.

It’s never too late or bad timing to aim for healthy habits around stress and sleep. Remember, habits are formed intentionally and sometimes unintentionally, so decide today to put into practice some of the ideas shared above. You’ve got this!


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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