Bars, Bars, Bars

Bars, Bars, Bars

There are a variety of bars on the market making it hard to know which ones are decent options and which ones are not so great. The tricky part about bars is that while convenient, they don’t pack as much nutrition as one might think. If you have a few minutes, eating whole foods would definitely be a better option from a nutrition standpoint. 


Personally, I keep Larabars or the Simple Truth date bars in my daughter’s diaper bag for our family to grab if we’re starting to get a little hangry and we don’t have any fresh snacks packed. They have less than 5 ingredients, no added sugar, great (but not excessive) fiber, provide around 200 calories (which is great for a snack), and make grown men frown when they ask what my daughter’s eating (bonus!). Generally, my rule is if she eats a pre-packaged food item, then she has to have a fresh fruit or veggie to go with it. With proper planning, the rule stands the majority of the time. She regularly makes me feel the need to step up my healthy eating game.


If you’re in the market for a bar to toss in your purse, bag, or backpack when you’re out and about, then check out this article comparing seven popular bars with tips on choosing your best option based on your health and fitness goals. 


Just remember, as the article reminds us, “Overall, if you’re looking for a tasty snack, you probably don’t need a granola bar.” Bars aren’t evil or detrimental to your healthy eating efforts, but try your best not to make them your go-to snack. Remember, whole foods are king.


Do you keep a bar handy when you’re on the go? If so, which one?



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