Ask a Dietician mini series: #1

Ask a Dietician mini series: #1

Our Ask a Dietitian post is here and we’re thankful for the opportunity to address questions that have been on the mind of our awesome boot campers. We have a few questions to cover, so we’ll cover the first question, then continue on with the rest in a blog post mini-series.

Question: Do you have ideas for healthy desserts that are low-calorie and satisfying?

Answer: Do I?! You know it. Below are some of my favorite websites that share plenty of healthy recipes to make and enjoy dessert. Also notable, is the topic of dessert itself. It’s an interesting one and personally, I have read and noticed the high pedestal that dessert is placed on. It begins in childhood and sticks with us through adulthood. When dessert is regularly off limits, used as a reward or as a bribe that can alter our relationship with dessert as we get older. I think considering the frequency and portion sizes of our dessert selections is an important factor in being able to enjoy and have a healthy relationship with dessert. 

p.s. If you’re interested in helping a young person in your life develop a healthy relationship with dessert (or re-parenting yours), check out this article for interesting insights.


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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