Ask a Dietician #3

Ask a Dietician #3

We’re back! It’s time to answer another question in our Ask a Dietitian series. This week is a big one…debunking diet myths (like paleo, carbs are evil, etc). We could easily write a series on this topic alone because there are so many myths related to healthy eating. Instead, I am sharing my favorite resource that writes about a variety of popular diets.

Here is one of my favorite diet review resources. The Nutrition Source, powered by the Harvard School of Public Health, writes non-biased diet reviews that share the pros and cons of a myriad of diets. You can access reviews on paleo, keto, mediterranean, intermittent fasting, gluten-free, etc. on this website.

Additionally, five more common myths are explored in this university article. There are so many intelligent and curious folks putting in time and effort to simplify the science-y topic of nutrition. 

Hopefully, all of the specific myths you were hoping to learn more about are in one of these two resources. If not, email Victoria with specifics to explore.


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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