Are you eating intentionally for your health and wellness goals?

Are you eating intentionally for your health and wellness goals?

Welcome to this week’s pause and reflection blog post. It’s time to get real and be honest with yourself. Have you ever wanted to do something so badly you think about it so often that eventually, it even begins to feel like you’re already doing it? Me either. Just kidding, it happens.

You are showing up or following along with our online boot camp workouts regularly and for that, we commend you. However, wanting to workout and actually working out are two very different stories. And while we know that regular physical activity is an important component of living a healthy lifestyle, sometimes we can get so caught up in diet and fitness culture that we accidentally trick ourselves into thinking we’re doing more of the beneficial things than we actually are (or we’re hard on ourselves and think we’re totally failing even when it’s untrue). Perception vs. reality.

Now for the tricky reality part. Completing a boot camp workout with us in-person is a public event. Showing up at boot camp is built-in accountability that encourages you to push harder than you ever would on your own. Healthy eating on the other hand can be more of a private health habit. Plus, eating nutritious foods often requires intention and preparation. So how are you really doing when it comes to your nutrition?

Much like the metaphor of flexibility in the last post, moving and eating with intention are preventive measures that require real thought, effort, and follow through. Unfortunately, only thinking about eating well doesn’t restock the pantry or magically prepare dinner for us. Bummer. 

It’s time to commit our thoughts to actions and continue or start making healthy food choices today. No need to wait for abnormal blood work, unwanted weight change, or get overly gassed during a workout. 

So, we’d like to ask you right now, are you eating intentionally for your health and wellness?


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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