Adjusting to the seasons

Adjusting to the seasons

We’re nearing the middle of November and the weather has been glorious! We hope you have been taking advantage of the sunshine and great temperatures. Despite the mild temperatures, one thing that has been an adjustment for many is our new sunset time.  

As with everything else in life, making adjustments and finding our rhythms are essential ingredients to healthy living. On the bright side of early sunsets, we have beautiful mornings to get our body’s moving and set the tone for the day. If early mornings aren’t for you, when is your ideal time to dedicate to movement? 

Whatever time of day and frequency you choose for physical activity, keep in mind that consistency is the most important. Goals are reached by your daily commitment to the things that help you stay the course. If you need ideas to stay moving this winter, here are 100 activities to browse though. Are there any new ideas that catch your eye?


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