Adaptability part 3

Adaptability part 3

We’re back this week focusing on adaptability, but not compromising so much and so often that we forget about our healthy living goals. With the inevitable ebbs and flows of life, it’s worth brainstorming strategies that allow us to roll with the punches and plans.

Last week, we listed a few questions to pause and answer when we pivot from our plans at meal time. In a similar fashion, we want to share thoughts to consider when our scheduled physical activity time gets postponed.

As we know, consistency in our habits is what yields real results, so missing a workout isn’t going to derail us, but if enough plans pop up that interfere with our movement then we have a few things to consider as we look forward to the week or day:

  • Does this time still work for me? For most, there isn’t a most beneficial time of day to move your body. The key is to move it, move it whether that’s morning, midday, or evening. So when the invites for happy hours, dinners, concerts, sporting events, etc. come your way, game plan to figure out what time of day you can fit in some movement. 
  • How are you getting there? Physical activity includes a variety of movements, so can  you walk, jog, bike, rollerblade, skateboard, etc. to your destination? If not, what’s the parking situation like? Could you park on the south end of Old Town and walk up north, etc.? 
  • If the details of your invitation are still up in the air, consider suggesting an outing that includes activity. Could you play frisbee golf, bike to grab a bite or drink, hike and picnic, etc.?
  • How have you moved this week? Could today be your rest or active recovery day?

All in all, the idea is that even if the day doesn’t allow for a traditional workout or the distance of a bike ride or run that you had hoped for, we can still be active and social. 

What are the active ways that you enjoy spending time with the people in your life?


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