Adaptability Part 2

Adaptability Part 2

Welcome to our first session of your summer course in Adaptability 101. Today, we want to talk about being intentionally flexible with our nutrition. 

Imagine a time when you are on the ball and you have your dinners planned for the week and the groceries are even shopped for and put away in your kitchen. Well done! Suddenly, you get invited to spend time with some of your favorite people at a Thursday night food truck rally. You may or may not pause to consider your options, but if you find yourself standing in front of a group of food trucks instead of your kitchen – that’s totally ok. Not what you had planned or thought your weeknight would look like, but plans can change.

Now, if your frequency of eating out is low, you may or may not be super mindful about what you’re about to eat. The issue comes when we find ourselves eating out more often than we know our body probably needs. So if that’s the case because summer fun is leading you away from your kitchen, here are a few questions to help you be mindful of your food choices:

  • What food choices have I made earlier in the day? With this question, you are being aware of your intake and fuel from earlier in the day. Are there any missing categories of nutritious foods that you want to catch up on? Veggies. Fruit. Protein. Whole grains. Etc.
  • Can I stick with the Healthy Eating Plate Model? This is our balanced meal of some combination of protein, carbohydrate, and veggie.
  • Which food truck/s would provide me with the best fuel for my body? Scan the offering of food trucks and order from one or some food trucks to build your most optimal meal.
  • Did you see the size of that sandwich?! Is there someone I should share my meal with or can I plan to eat half and take the other half home?
  • If food trucks aren’t the venue, but you got invited to eat out, think through and keep a few go-to restaurant options so that you can suggest places that have options for you to eat delicious food that also provides nutrition for your body. I love this because it helps us shift from a negative, “I can’t eat there,” mentality to focusing on all of the places that would be enjoyable and healthy.

What other food thoughts and questions come to mind when you’re trying to make healthy choices as you’re out and about this summer?


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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