Adaptability Part 1

Adaptability Part 1

School is out for summer break and it will officially be summer according to the calendar year, very soon! While your routine might be more or less the same, there’s a good chance that trips, activities, and gatherings might be populating your planner. As a result, we’ll be spending the next several weeks discussing strategies to tap into the superpower known as adaptability. 

noun: adaptability

  • the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions.

Specifically, we want to provide tips and ideas to sharpen our level of adaptability, which makes us flexible and creative, allowing us to enjoy all things summer and still live in accordance with our health, fitness, and wellness goals.

We will highlight adaptability strategies for nutrition, movement, activities of daily living, and more, so that when invitations present and plans change, you’ll be equipped to stay the course. 

Are you already foreseeing an area or instance where you could use some help brainstorming work-arounds and ideas to keep your wellness a priority this summer? Let us know. We’d love to make sure we share relevant information and help if we can.


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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