7 Types of Rest

7 Types of Rest

We’re wrapping up April and closing it out with active recovery time and rest. The beautiful weather is inviting and a wonderful way to find joyful movement that benefits our mind and body. 

While taking a stroll outside might be up your alley and perfect for you, we also want to share seven types of rest that our body needs.

  • Physical rest
  • Mental rest
  • Emotional rest
  • Social rest
  • Creative rest
  • Sensory rest
  • Spiritual rest

Learn more about each type of rest in this article. The neat thing is, regardless of your personality type or introvert/extrovert tendencies, you’ll be able to identify an area that needs your attention and care.

Which area would you like to focus on during active recovery and rest week? What activities or non-activities bring you joy, peace, and rest?


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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