In-Person and Online Classes Available.

In-Person Camp

Tue.  & Thu.

4:30 pm

City Wellness Annex

(25 person limit)

Online Camp

Mon.  & Wed.

5:30 pm

Live Zoom Call

(classes will be recorded for later viewing)

Choose from 3 programs to fit your fitness goals and budget.


4 weeks

Full Price: $80/mo

$35 (City Employee) /$50 (City Employee Spouse)

Reimbursements are available for County Employees


8 weeks

Full Price: $75/mo

$30 (City Employee) /$45 (City Employee Spouse)

Reimbursements are available for County Employees


24 weeks

Full Price: $70/mo

$25 (City Employee) /$40 (City Employee Spouse)

Reimbursements are available for County Employees

Core Motion Fitness Boot Camp is

More than a workout


We want to help you transform your body to become it's best.


Fitness is more than working out, it's about clean eating.


We are here to help you set and achieve your personal goals.

Refer A Friend and you each get $5!

Instructions will be in your registration confirmation email.

Upcoming Camps

Boot Camp In- Person

Tue & Thu

4:30 pm | City Wellness Annex

3 Weeks | Jan 5 – Jan 21

(Limited to 10 people)

Boot Camp Online

Mon & Wed

5:30 pm | Zoom

3 Weeks | Jan 4 – Jan 20

2 Livestream classes a week

Try it for FREE

With each session, we offer a FREE PREVIEW CLASS. It’s a great way to get a taste for Core Motion Fitness Boot Camp, meet the trainers, and get any questions answered prior to joining camp. 


Proudly Working With


Our Camps Include

Full body conditioning

Fitness assessments

Nutritional guidance

Team atmosphere

All levels welcome

Fun and Energizing

For all Levels

Core Motion Fitness works with all levels of fitness. No matter your strength, agility, or range of motion, our goal is to help you improve your fitness to live better.

Working out doesn’t need to suck.

Working out should not be boring, so we are always finding new ways to keep workouts fresh and challenging. Each class has a variety of activities to make it fun and engaging.

What to Expect

Each Boot Camp class incorporates the following in a variety of ways to keep workouts interesting and increase your level of fitness.

Dynamic Warm ups
Interval Training
Core Strength
Flexibility & Balance
Body Weight Training
Partner Drills
Interactive Workouts
And More…

Core Motion Fitness Team


Rachel Morrow


Certified Personal Trainer with 3 years fitness experience.

CAMPS: Mid-Point AM & PRPA

Sarah Westdorp

Owner / Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience.

CAMPS: Old Town AM & PM
Victoria - Cover Photo

Victoria Emmitt

Registered Dietitian

Certified Personal Trainer with 5 years experience and 7 years experience as a registered dietitian.

Nutrition and Meals for Blog

Nicole Grzeskowiak


Certified Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor.

CAMPS: Larimer County Loveland

Hannah French


Certified Personal Trainer.

CAMPS: Midpoint PM

Fitness & Nutrition Blog

Workouts, healthy recipes, and encouragement! 

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No matter where you are in your journey towards your health and fitness goals, it is important to celebrate the wins, big and small. And while there may be lots to be grateful for, it’s not uncommon to feel stuck or challenged in a certain......

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Happy New Year! We are delighted to start the year off with you in this boot camp session. So let’s jump right into this week’s blog post about goal setting. “I like things to happen; and if they don’t happen, I like to make them......

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